Two Little Words That Can Alter The Course of your Life…

We have all heard it….”Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but Words can never hurt me.”  I, for one, never thought to question whether or not that was true. I knew how much physical pain could hurt, but never once thought about how powerful words can be.

The things that other people say to or about you certainly have an affect. Think about how you feel when your father brags about what a great job you have because of how incredibly smart and talented you are, all with pride written all over his face. The warm feeling around your heart and a smile from ear to ear knowing that your dad is proud of you; something you will never forget.  Now imagine asking your dad how you look and he says, “Don’t wear those pants, they make your butt look big. Looks like you put on a little weight.” No matter how you actually look, for a long time you will never be thin enough, beautiful enough, good enough. This will be a conversation that will play in your mind for years to come. Words have impact and the feelings, unlike physical pain or pleasure, can stick with you for a lifetime.

What about the words you say to or about yourself? The two most powerful words that can shape your life now and years to come are I AM. Whatever follows those two words will alter the course of your life for the positive or the negative. Once you become aware of the words you say about yourself, to others, or in the confines of your mind, you have found true power to alter your world. Who are you and what is the person you want to be? How do you describe yourself to others? What are you thinking when you look in the mirror when no one else is watching?

There was a time that I couldn’t find anything good to say about myself. I felt worthless and unlovable. I was challenged by a wonderful woman who saw the best in me. She asked me to spend time each day standing naked in front of the mirror. She told me to really look at myself, look into my eyes and tell myself…”You are beautiful, inside and out.” This was asking a lot because in those days I avoided mirrors altogether; but I was willing to give it a try. At first, I couldn’t take my clothes off and only spend a couple of minutes even looking. Slowly, over time, I did what she asked of me. When I was finally able to really look at myself, I cried and cried. That is when the true healing began and I opened up to the thought of loving myself…flaws and all.

We spend too much time beating ourselves up for all that we are unable to do and not enough time recognizing the greatness within. Make a list of all that you are and all that you want to be. No one has to see it but you and watch how your world changes….

I AM a warrior…I AM a goddess….I AM capable, powerful and courageous….I AM a tremendous athlete and a powerful cyclist …. I AM vibrant, lean, strong and healthy… I AM worthy of love and connection …. I AM kind, loving, caring and compassionate… I AM a good mother, daughter, sister, friend and lover… I AM playful, funny and sometimes goofy…. I AM a child of the Universe just like everyone around me… Just like every snowflake, I AM the one and only ME!

~ Kimberlee Anderson

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